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Could Secure Moonrat be the next 1000x token?

Altcoins 🕘 Apr 26, 2021 👁 837 views
Following the success of Dogecoin, dozens of memecoins have sprung up, with Safemoon making headlines the last few weeks. Each of these tokens lays claim to a unique feature that will take its price to the moon. Safemoon, for…

Bitcoin reaches a new high after crossing $62,000

Bitcoin 🕘 Apr 13, 2021 👁 1,300 views
After weeks of failing to decisively break the $61,000 barrier, Bitcoin (BTC) has finally pulled through and is now trading at a new all time high above $62,000. It is too early to say how long this surge will continue, but it…

You can now buy a Tesla using Bitcoin

Bitcoin 🕘 Mar 24, 2021 👁 721 views
According to this Tweet by billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk, you can now pay for a Tesla using Bitcoin. As of now, payment by Bitcoin is only available to US customers. However, this will likely be available to global customers in…

Why you should hold Bitcoin for at least the next 100 years

Bitcoin 🕘 Mar 08, 2021 👁 1,167 views
MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor, advises anyone holding Bitcoin to not sell it for at least the next 100 years. In this CoinTelegraph interview, he makes a strong argument about mathematical stores of value, as opposed to…
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