Australian Crypto Exchange Swyftx Offers Financial Incentives to Learners Completing Crypto Course

The Australian cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx has said it will offer financial rewards to users who complete its crypto education course. The crypto exchange said it expects as many as 80,000 participants and has promised a reward of just over $64 for those completing the course.

Improving the Public’s Knowledge and Understanding of Cryptocurrencies

An Australian cryptocurrency exchange, Swyftx, said it plans to financially reward users who participate and complete learning courses offered via its crypto education platform. Known as “Earn and Learn,” the platform, which was formally launched on Sept. 6, represents the crypto exchange’s attempt to improve the public’s knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies.

According to a recent report, Swyftx’s courses will cover different cryptocurrency scams and how users can identify them. Tom Matthews, who heads the crypto exchange’s corporate affairs, said the educational initiative also seeks to make users tough targets for scammers.

As recently reported by News, cybercriminals are thought to have stolen nearly $1 billion via scams, rug pulls and exploits in just the first eight months of 2023. Criminals are believed to have used the same modus operandi to steal close to $46 million in the month of August alone.

Therefore, in order to help users avoid falling for similar crypto scams or compromised projects, Swyftx said its educational courses will include a checklist for evaluating tokens and crypto projects.

For users who complete the course, Swyftx is promising a reward of just over $64 (AUD100) while those who complete the initial fundamental analysis course will receive $3.2 worth of BTC. The crypto exchange reportedly said it is expecting as many as 80,000 participants.

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