COZ and Degenz․wtf Join Forces to Launch a Physical NFT Collection for ‘Shadow Brother Sunday’ at Tribeca Festival

PRESS RELEASE. FORT COLLINS, CO / June 9, 2023 – COZ, a pioneering community in the blockchain industry, is excited to announce its collaboration with, a leading advisory firm, to support Alden Ehrenreich’s directorial debut, Shadow Brother Sunday, with legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola as executive producer. Produced by Vanishing Angle, the short film is set to make its debut at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival on June 9, 2023.

As part of this partnership, Neo Blockchain and will be featured in the sponsoring credits, marking their first endeavors into the entertainment industry to make Web 3.0 more accessible to the general public. Furthermore, an exclusive physical NFT collection featuring original 35mm film frames curated by and produced by COZ, will be presented during the festival. These NFTs will provide provenance, tamper-proof authenticity, and transferability to collectors and enthusiasts. The auction featuring the pieces will be held in New York City at an after screening party hosted by COZ and, and all proceeds will be donated to the charitable organization Red Eye.

“COZ is thrilled to collaborate with in supporting Alden Ehrenreich’s directorial debut, Shadow Brother Sunday. This partnership not only represents a new horizon for COZ’s products, but also showcases the innovative potential and scalability of NFT technology,” announced Daniel Fioravante, Marketing Director at COZ.

“When speaking with Alden about creating an innovative multimedia collaboration for charity involving blockchain technology, we knew that COZ and their innovative NFT technology would be an excellent fit for this venture. We also thought of Red Eye, due to their great reputation for on the ground action in helping the homeless communities,” said Jay Brand, co-founder at

The auction will be powered by COZ’s OneBand ring, an innovative non-fungible item cryptographically bound to an NFT, offering users a secure method for signing transactions. This open-source hardware product holds enormous potential across various industries, including gaming, brand activations, financial transactions, and verification. OneBand features a secure NFC chip housing a censored BIP32 master key, supporting BIP44 derivations for private keys in most relevant blockchains. This groundbreaking technology allows the ring to assert its authenticity across the entire Web 3.0 market segment, offering unprecedented security for collectibles and luxury items, mitigating the risk of forgery and theft.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, providing individuals with an opportunity to witness the transformative power of blockchain technology firsthand. OneBand not only enhances security and authenticity but also opens up new avenues for developers to create innovative projects,” added Tyler Adams, CEO at COZ.

About COZ

COZ has a proud history dating back to 2017, when a diverse team of developers from around the world came together with a shared vision. This collaboration marked the start of their journey as the group led the way introducing the Neo blockchain to the world. The first-ever light wallet and blockchain explorer, as well as COZ’s contributions in the form of Python and JavaScript SDKs, documentation translation, community management, and workshops across the continents, made it possible for people to experience the full potential of the Neo ecosystem.

As advocates for open source development, the community has helped introduce countless new professionals to the world of Web 3.0. In 2019, they officially incorporated as COZ, Inc. Today, the company is present in seven countries and continues to offer the same level of dedication and expertise that has become synonymous with their name.

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About Neo

Founded in 2014, Neo is an open-source community-driven blockchain platform designed to welcome developers into the Smart Economy. By enabling developers to digitize and automate the management of assets through smart contracts, Neo is built to realize the optimized digital world of the future. As the most developer-friendly blockchain, Neo meets developers where they are, by integrating seamlessly with the world’s most widely used languages and tools, and providing the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building full-stack decentralized applications. With native support for powerful infrastructure including decentralized storage, oracles, and domain name service, Neo is the ideal foundation for developers to build the next generation Internet.





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