El Salvador Launches Pilot Project to Include Bitcoin Content in School Curriculums

The Ministry of Education in El Salvador partnered with Mi Primer Bitcoin (MPB), a nonprofit educational organization, to make Bitcoin-related content part of the school curriculum in the country. The pilot program will train 150 teachers to impart Bitcoin education, bringing the program to 75 public schools.

El Salvador to Include Bitcoin Education in School Curriculum in 2024

Mi Primer Bitcoin (MPB), a nonprofit Salvadoran educational project, and the Ministry of Education of El Salvador have partnered to launch a pilot project to take Bitcoin courses to every school in the country by 2024. In a recent interview, John Dennehy, the founder of MPB, confirmed the involvement of the organization in this joint initiative.

The first part of the process began on September 7 with 150 teachers from 75 public schools being taught basic Bitcoin-related content, aided by people of Bitcoin Beach, another Bitcoin project. These teachers will return to school ready to impart Bitcoin courses to their pupils.

Dennehy stated that if this pilot is successful, the program will be extended to all schools in the country next year. On the impact of imparting Bitcoin knowledge in schools, Dennehy stated:

As the first nation to adopt Bitcoin, El Salvador will be an example for the world. Quality education is our best chance to ensure that that example is a positive one.

First El Salvador, Then the World

The goal of teaching about Bitcoin and its benefits for the underbanked and underserved is not only limited to El Salvador, the first government to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. Dennehy pointed out that while the MPB project started in El Salvador, his objective is to extend its reach to other nations. He stressed:

El Salvador is leading the way with public Bitcoin education, and we expect other nations to follow. The world is watching.

It is estimated that MPB has already helped 25,000 students learn about the story of Bitcoin and how to make basic transactions with wallets. Dennehy also revealed that MPB was in talks to take its Bitcoin teaching experience to two other undisclosed nations.

One might be Uruguay, as the organization announced the start of free registrations for upcoming courses. Also, Cuba Bitcoin, a Bitcoin community in Cuba, recently posted it was preparing for the first edition of the MPB course in Cuba, with limited availability.

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