Quantum Cats NFT Collection Jumps in Value, Dominates Secondary Market Trade Volume

Following the launch of Taproot Wizards’ Quantum Cats non-fungible token (NFT) series, secondary market activity reveals significant trading volume and a significant increase in the collection’s minimum value. Initially offered at 0.1 bitcoin each, Quantum Cats’ lowest value now fluctuates around 0.303 bitcoin or $13,062 for each NFT.

Quantum Cats Floor Values Leap to New Heights

Just 48 hours prior, Bitcoin.com News covered the Quantum Cats NFT launch, which had experienced some setbacks. Post-launch, having garnered over $12 million through initial sales, Quantum Cats are now commanding prices well above the 0.1 BTC initial cost. According to Magic Eden’s figures, transactions totaling 257.6658 BTC, equivalent to $11.1 million, have been executed for Quantum Cat since they were introduced to the secondary market.

Moreover, on the Okx Bitcoin inscriptions trading platform, the Ordinals series has recorded 245.3061 BTC or $10.57 million in transactions since its debut. Magic Eden lists the Quantum Cats collection’s minimum value at 0.303 BTC or $13,062, whereas Okx shows a minimum of 0.338 BTC or $14,571 per collectible. This indicates that since their initial listing, the NFTs’ lowest value has surged to more than threefold the original sale price.

Currently, of the 3,333 NFTs, 533 are up for grabs on Magic Eden, with only 28, or 0.84%, available on Okx’s inscriptions marketplace. With 2,720 distinct holders, the collection ranks as the leading NFT series on both Okx and Magic Eden as of 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday.

At the moment, Bitcoin-centric NFT sales rank just behind Ethereum, with a total of $64,615,064 in sales over the previous week, compared to Ethereum’s $100,712,013. Despite this, Quantum Cats face stiff competition from established Bitcoin inscription series like Bitcoin Punks and Ordinal Maxi Biz. Notably, five days ago, Bitcoin Punk #60 fetched $169,266, marking it as the priciest Ordinal inscription sold in the last week.

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