Satoshi’s Last Emails: ‘Make It About the Open-Source Project,’ Economist Predicts ‘Catastrophic’ Fall in US Living Standard, FRC Shares Plummet, and More — Week in Review

Another week has passed in the world of crypto and finance, with the anniversary of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s last known emails, predictions of massive declines in Americans’ standard of living, and important developments at the struggling First Republic Bank. All this and more just below, in the latest News Week in Review.

The Elusive Satoshi Nakamoto: Last Emails Reveal Bitcoin Creator’s Thoughts Before Disappearing Over a Decade Ago

Twelve years ago, on this very day of April 23, 2011, a cryptic individual, known only as Satoshi Nakamoto, penned one of the final correspondences to software developer Mike Hearn. The elusive mastermind behind Bitcoin conveyed in the message that he, she, or they had “moved on to other things” and confidently asserted that the project was entrusted in “good hands.”

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Economist Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ Fall in American Living Standard — Elon Musk Weighs in on De-Dollarization, US Dollar Weaponization

Economist Peter St Onge has warned that U.S. dollar weaponization will lead to “soaring inflation, a catastrophic fallen American standard of living, and a U.S. that falls off the world stage.” Commenting on the economist’s warnings, Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk weighed in on de-dollarization.

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US Banking Industry Still Struggling as First Republic Bank Shares Plummet by Over 30%

In the midst of a tumultuous week, First Republic Bank is struggling to regain its footing in the financial world. Reports have surfaced that the bank is poised to enter government receivership due to a massive outflow of $100 billion in customer withdrawals last month. This has prompted investors to flee the bank, causing its shares to dive-bomb by over 50% on Tuesday.

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Gold Bug Peter Schiff Warns ‘Death Blow’ Coming for US Dollar — USD to Lose Reserve Currency Status

Economist Peter Schiff has warned that a death blow is coming for the U.S. dollar and the USD will lose its global reserve currency status in this financial crisis. “People are still reluctant to call it a financial crisis, but that’s exactly what it is, except it’s bigger in scale and it’s going to be far more impactful than the 2008 crisis,” Schiff stressed.

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