Crypto market cap approaches $3 trillion

Crypto market cap

The worth of the whole crypto market is again breaking records, touching $2.7 trillion this week. It is getting very close to the landmark $3 trillion mark, and given that the bull run is far from over, it could very well achieve this within 2021.

This puts the crypto market above the biggest companies in the world. Microsoft, Apple, Aramco, and Alphabet all have a market cap below $2.5 trillion (Source). At over $11 trillion, gold still surpasses the crypto market by a huge margin, but cryptos are catching up fast.

Another healthy sign is that Bitcoin currently makes up just under half of this total. The alt market alone is an impressive $1.5 trillion.

Bitcoin is currently trading at around $61,300 after touching its all time high of $66,000 earlier this month. October 2021 has proven to be one of the best performing months for cryptos in general. Many altcoins are also putting in new all-time-highs, with Ethereum (ETH) crossing $4,400 and Solana (SOL) touching $218.

This is a golden opportunity to benefit from the ongoing bull run, but be extra diligent, and do your own research.

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